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25mm Napoleonics


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AS OF 8 December, 2012

Some Blogging:
I am planning on painting up a huge Ottoman-Turk 15mm army.  I have about 1000 cavalry and about a like number of infantry.  Once done I will bring these to games I will run using Napoleon's Battles, taking on my Russians in 1811.  I will have two corps of Russian infantry and a corps of cavalry - well actually two corps if you count the irregular Cossacks...


This will be an amazing game.  If all goes as planned I will will be ready to run games starting sometime in September.









New Items:

Traveller RPG boxed games


and GAMES WORKSHOP ITEMS...the first of many.

I decided to start painting some and now offer these painted figures for sale. 

I should have the steam tanks for the EMPIRE done soon, too.



Don't forget to check back, as we will be posting much more soon!





AS OF 6 December, 2012


We are back!  


We are getting into gear to offer new things and new games.  


We will be running a Micro Armor event at 

Cold Wars, 2013.  


Cold Wars is a miniatures convention, 7-10 March, 2013, in Lancaster, PA.  


The scenario will be a 'what if' 1985 Fulda Gap event.  Hope to see you there!


Come back here for more information as it develops.  We are planning to run a number of events throughout 2013.



We are planning for some more surprises more soon.

25mm SYW

more 20mm SYW releases

15mm SCIFI

26mm Samurai/Ashiguru for the early 16th Century

25mm Landsknechts

and some surprises!


We plan on starting our Facebook Page, soon, too.



I got a wild hair and decided to paint up a bunch of 15mm SYW.

Go to the "painting page" above for more details.




20mm Seven Years War


Here are other items in the works:
200700011.jpg (16051 bytes)

SYW Russian Infantry in Summer Dress

bearer011.jpg (17171 bytes)gren_hat1.jpg (58133 bytes)LeNobleJager_firing1.jpg (40965 bytes)

Austrian (Hungarians) and Prussian LeNoble Jaegers

Jeniz_drum1.jpg (64391 bytes)turk_artillery11.jpg (51665 bytes)Jeniz031.jpg (26928 bytes)Jeniz021.jpg (35521 bytes)albanian_mercenaries11.jpg (44881 bytes)albanian_mercenaries21.jpg (82078 bytes)

The first of the Ottomans for SYW and Napoleonics.

Here are some of the upcoming new 20mm SYW:
Prussians and Austrians

prus_mountof02.jpg (402025 bytes)german01a.jpg (111847 bytes)prussian01a.jpg (182543 bytes)









GFI has had to suspend offering figures.  Outland Games will be offering its figures again as soon as possible.  Please check back.



In the meantime we are forging ahead!

By the end of the year we should have more 20mm SYW and 25mm Napoleonics in production.

Here are some samples:

Russian SYW
bearer.jpg (30965 bytes)dragoon_officer_mount.jpg (116253 bytes)Russian Kuirassier Trooper.jpg (75298 bytes)Russian Hussar.jpg (140429 bytes)russian_officer.jpg (47160 bytes)


Once we get more of the new figures in we will post pics of them.




August 2011


Well... We are working on things for this Fall.  We also got to visit the Battlefield of the Battle of Blenheim.  Be sure to visit our "Terrain Making Page" - click on the button above.






2 JAN 2011 Announcement:


25/28mm Napoleonic Prussians for the Wars of Liberation!





15 FEB 2010 Announcement:


AVAILABLE starting in February 2010:  


GO TO THE "Landsknecht" link above to get a peek at the figures.

PACKS available (so far)

Pikemen, misc. poses (6 figures)

Arqubusiers, misc. poses (6 figures)

Landsknecht Command w. Swordsman (6 figures)

Pack: $9.95 




29 NOV 2009 Announcement:



25mm Renaissance 



Landsknects 006.jpg (94083 bytes)Landsknects 005.jpg (61601 bytes)Landsknects 002.jpg (162953 bytes) (click on Thumbnails to enlarge


Because of circumstances, we are having GFI cast all our figures.  If you like some figures, go here:






22 October Announcement


We will have 15mm Science Fiction Figures soon.

Coming soon: 20mm Ottomans for the 18th Century and Napoleonics. 










SEP 10 Announcement

Not convinced?  We also offer free samples of our figures, where ever possible.  Let us know what you may be interested in with an email:  info@outlandgames.net




2 September 2009 Announcement



Go to: http://www.minifigs.com/for more info!

We are also working on more 25mm Napoleonics.  We should have 1813-15 Prussians available soon.

ALSO COMING UP:  25mm Renaissance 


Coming soon: 20mm Ottomans for the 18th Century and Napoleonics.  



Go to the 25mm Napoleonics page for some image details.  

25mm Napoleonics





(15 June 2009 Announcement)

We now have 20mm SYW Russians available.  You can get them at this link: 



GFI will continue to do our casting and offer unpainted figures for sale for us.

GFI has pictures of the Russians up on their 20mm page on the site there.  I will have some up here soon, too, as I am painting up a few brigades worth now.

If you want to know more, feel free to contact us at our "info" email:

 Info 'at' outlandgames.net

replace the 'at' with an @ 



I just posted some more images to the 25mm Napoleonics page here.  You can now see some good samples of 1806 Prussians.  I am working on imaging each figure separately so I can begin offering them in packs of 12 or 24 figures, with and without commands.  Stay tuned!

Go Here for a look: 

25mm Napoleonics 




20mm WWI East Africa figures.  Figures ARE AVAILABLE NOW! Go to the GFI site.  

Or click here: 



25mm Napoleonics

Coming in 2009!


I really like wargaming with figures.  Recently the owner of a line of 25mm Napoleonics offered the line to me and I jumped at the chance.  The line covers the French Revolutionary Wars up to 1806.  The line includes French Infantry and Cavalry.  The additionally features Austrian and Prussians that period.  I am working on expanding and completing the line as fast as I can...  We think the line should be up and running by the end of March 09.  We will have listings posted on our 25mm Napoleonics page here on the Outland Games site.  We are open to suggestions, too.  Feel free to drop us a line.

Sneak Preview Link (click on the "25mm"):

25mm Napoleonics 



Because of circumstances, we are having GFI cast all our figures.  If you like some figures, go here:






Outland Games has a lot of neat stuff! 

We offer a line of 20mm Historical Figures:

Napoleonics, American Civil War, and Seven Years War

                25mm Figures 2008 093.jpg (138015 bytes)1809 Bavarians (1).jpg (351266 bytes)details of Austrian 1809 Division.jpg (300023 bytes)details of Austrian 1809 Division (8).jpg (1076345 bytes)Outland East Africa Line.jpg (466596 bytes)email Grenzers.jpg (218209 bytes)details of Austrian 1809 Division (7).jpg (871142 bytes)

 click on the thumbnails for a larger look


Don't forget to check out our "stuff for sale" page, where we feature all sorts of odds and ends for sale...



Check out our new Home-Made Terrain Page.. a pet project of ours!

We have been experimenting with modular / geomorphic terrain systems.  Slowly, we have been building a standardized system that allows us to generate common terrain for any situation.  The hope is that this will compliment campaigning for miniatures...






We are BIG fans of Koenig Krieg rules.  
These are rules for SYW miniatures battles.  It is a blast to play, simple to learn, and easy to get.  They are back in print, in the 3rd edition.  

Click on the "Koenig Krieg" button above or here:


Koenig Krieg Corner


We like the rules so much that we are converting all our 20mm Seven Years War miniatures collections to the rules set:



Copy of 20mm SYW pics (7).jpg (82575 bytes)Copy of 20mm SYW pics (4).jpg (95483 bytes)

Click on the thumbnails to enlarge

Go to the 20mm SYW link up in the top of the page.



I have added some new things.  Check out my

"Painting Page"



ALL NEW: some info on how to paint lots of figures FAST!  

GO TO THE "PAINTING PAGE" for the secrets of speed painting!



We should have 25mm Vikings available soon, too.

See them sneaking out of the wood? 

Get a sneak peek by selecting the "Vikings Page " button on the left.

Other Medievals:

25mm Figures 2008 005.jpg (62485 bytes)25mm Figures 2008 036.jpg (203649 bytes)





25mm Prussians 1813-15



One of our greatest features are our flag sheets! 

Custom designed to look hand-painted to add that nice touch to YOUR miniatures collection.

You can get them in 15mm, 20mm, and 25mm scales.

Click on the icons to the left to go to our various pages/sites.


JA: Wir sprechen Deutsch, und ueben gerne!



Try the wargaming videos here:

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Figures for Painters

That Heritage Dragon... just begging to get looked at! 


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