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We offer a 20mm Line of 18th Century Figures. 
A list of what is available is below our sample pictures.

PLEASE NOTE:  Currently Games Figures International is our Miniatures Caster.  

All figures are available from them.   

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Seven Years Russians:

some samples of the Infantry

click on thumbnails:
IMG_7854.JPG (85397 bytes)IMG_7857.JPG (99104 bytes)

IMG_7855.JPG (210244 bytes)

Here is some old Fritz:

You can see one of his Whippets with him or with a Grenadier Sapper:

IMG_7861.JPG (72288 bytes)IMG_7862.JPG (54792 bytes)


Here are some more samples of the line:

 A nice look at an Austrian battalion.

Here you can see the scale of the miniatures 

next to a scaling ruler and 20 Euro Cents.

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OUTLAND GAMES HAS PURCHASED THE 20mm Battalionfeuer Line, and expanded it, too.


Please note: Loose figures only available via Mail Order.


We have to apologize for any price increases.  The costs of the metals have skyrocketed.


All Foot Packs come 12 to a pack either with or without Commands.  Also, the huge increases in the price of casting metals have forced us to change some packages.  We will do all we can to keep costs down… but occasionally we have to change things without notice.

All Cavalry Packs (mixed horses)come 5 to a pack, Artillery: one Gun and 4 gunners, or 2 light guns and 4 gunners.  Generals and Staff packs are the same as Cavalry Packs.


Some commands do not have ensigns, they have the Ensign replaced by a regular figure.    


Check back often.  We are working on SYW Russians, Ottomans, and Specialty figures.  Also, for those of you who have been very kind and commented on our site: we are indeed working on imaging every single figure so you can see what these look like.  This takes some time, but we should have them soon.



       Pack: 9.99$

Seven Years War 20mm

GO HERE if you want to obtain some 20mm SYW figures


20501   Musketeer Advancing with Command

20502   Musketeer Advancing w/o Command

20503   Musketeer March/Attack with Command        

20504   Musketeer March/Attack w/o Command       

20505   Fusilier Advancing with Command

20506   Fusilier Advancing w/o Command

20507   Fusilier March/Attack with CommandCopy of 20mm SYW pics (17).jpg (22291 bytes)

20508   Fusilier March/Attack w/o Command

20509   Grenadier Advancing with Command

20510   Grenadier Advancing w/o CommandCopy of 20mm SYW pics (14).jpg (25775 bytes)

20511   Grenadier March/Attack with Command

20512   Grenadier March/Attack w/o CommandCopy of 20mm SYW pics (13).jpg (21993 bytes)

20513   2 Battalion Guns, 4 Gunners

20514   Medium Gun, 4 Gunners

20515   Heavy Gun, 4 Gunners

20515   Dragoon with Command

20516   Dragoon w/o Command

20517   Hussar/Mirlton  w/o Command

20518   Hussar/Busby w/o Command

20519   Kuirassier with Command

20520   Kuirassier w/o Command




 20601      German Fusilier Advancing with Command

 20601      German Fusilier Advancing w/o Command

 20602      German Fusilier March/Attack with Command

 20603      German Fusilier March/Attack w/o Command

 20604      German Grenadier Advancing with Command

 20605      German Grenadier March/Attack w/o Command

 20606      Grenzers, Mixed posesCopy of 20mm SYW pics (11).jpg (23790 bytes)

 20607      2 Battalion Guns, 4 Gunners

 20608      Medium Gun, 4 Gunners

20609     Heavy Gun,  4 GunnersCopy of 20mm SYW pics (7).jpg (82575 bytes)

20610     Dragoon with Command

20611     Dragoon w/o Command

20612     Kuirassier with Command

20613     Kuirassier w/o Command

Two Austrian battalions, based for Koenig Krieg rules.

Here is a few examples of Prussian brigades, based for Koenig Krieg rules.  The first of brigades of converged Grenadiers, and the other is of a brigade of Musketeers and Fusiliers.

Copy of 20mm SYW pics (20).jpg (57225 bytes)Copy of 20mm SYW pics (4).jpg (95483 bytes)Copy of 20mm SYW pics (20).jpg (57225 bytes)

To get an idea of scale, here are some figures with an euro coin for scaling:

Copy of 20mm SYW pics (16).jpg (23484 bytes)Copy of 20mm SYW pics (15).jpg (25094 bytes)

GO HERE if you want to obtain some 20mm SYW figures



    20701    Musketeer Advancing with Command

    20702    Musketeer Advancing w/o Command

    20703    Musketeer March/Attack with Command

    20704    Musketeer March/Attack w/o Command

    20705    Grenadier Advancing with Command

    20706    Grenadier Advancing w/o Command

    20707    Grenadier March/Attack with Command

    20708    Grenadier March/Attack w/o Command

    20709    2 Battalion Guns, 4 Gunners

    20710    Medium Gun, 4 Gunners

    20711    Heavy Gun, 4 Gunners

    20712    Horse with Command

    20713    Horse w/o Command


    20801    Fusilier Advancing with Command

    20802    Fusilier Advancing w/o Command

    20803    Fusilier March/Attack with Command

    20804    Fusilier March/Attack w/o Command

    20805    Grenadier Advancing with Command

    20806    Grenadier Advancing w/o Command

    20807     Grenadier March/Attack with Command

    20808     Grenadier March/Attack w/o Command

    20809     2 Battalion Guns, 4 Gunners

    20810    Medium Gun, 4 Gunners

    20811    Heavy Gun, 4 Gunners

    20812    Horse with Command

    20813    Horse w/o Command


    20901    Musketeer Advancing with Command

    20902    Musketeer Advancing w/o Command

    20903    Musketeer March/Attack with Command

    20904    Musketeer March/Attack w/o Command

    20905    Grenadier Advancing with Command

    20906    Grenadier Advancing w/o Command

    20907    Grenadier March/Attack with Command

    20908    Grenadier March/Attack w/o Command

    20909    2 Battalion Guns, 4 Gunners

    20910    Medium Gun, 4 Gunners

    20911    Heavy Gun, 4 Gunners

    20912    Horse with Command

    20913    Horse w/o Command


GO HERE if you want to obtain some 20mm SYW figures


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