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Once in a while we will post items for sale here.  Check back often! There may 

deals and specials.  Sometimes we will be offering painted figures for sale, too!


Shipping is as I mention in each item description.  

We only accept PAYPAL.  For security reasons we are not linked .

Please use: sales 'at' outlandgames.net as the paypal email.

If you need to email us direct, use: info 'at' outlandgames.net

(replace the 'at' with an @)

click on the thumbnails to get a better look...



Shipping for all items is 9.95$.  I can bundle multiples into one box and you only need pay 9.95$ for the whole thing...WORLD-WIDE shipping!

Games Workshop Stuff:
DSC00972.JPG (394641 bytes)

Rider of Kislev - 16.00$

DSC00971.JPG (429567 bytes)DSC00981.JPG (359694 bytes)

Empire Militia Band

6.00 each figure....OR

the WHOLE unit for 80.00$!!!

You SAVE 28.00$ when you get the whole unit.

OH, and as always, I will carefully bubble-wrap the figures when we ship.

_DSC00989.JPG (318808 bytes)_

ORK vehicle



DSC00992.JPG (261004 bytes)_

(sorry for the pic being blurry...)

Wood Elf Forest Dragon



Then we have some Games Designer's Workshop Items:
DSC00997.JPG (339769 bytes)

Dark Nebula


Ship-to-ship combat/exploration game

GDW board game as a supplement to Traveller RPG



_DSC00996.JPG (353843 bytes)_


Great little skirmish game, fast and easy!


GDW board game as a supplement to Traveller RPG



DSC00995.JPG (345212 bytes)_


Miniatures Rules for Science Fiction

Excellent system to design your weapons and vehicles with. It includes how to build units and keep them operational.

Ideal for 15mm and 6mm SCIFI...

GDW developed this as a supplement to Traveller RPG



DSC00994.JPG (314782 bytes)


Modern Warfare Miniatures Rules

Great for 15mm and Micro Armor.  Very detailed game.





I have some board games for sale.  The prices are next to the pics.  Shipping: 9.95$, with 1.00 more for each box game you add together.

Items for sale (8).jpg (137669 bytes)ACROSS THE RAPPAHANNOCK: 35.00

Unpunched, mint


Items for sale (7).jpg (133299 bytes)CHICKAWAUGA AND CHATTANOOGA: 34.00

Unpunched, mint AVALON HILL


Items for sale.jpg (120062 bytes)CHANCELLORSVILLE: 33.00

Unpunched, mint, Decision Games

Items for sale (3).jpg (85886 bytes)STONEWALL'S LAST BATTLE: 36.00

Unpunched, mint, AVALON HILL


Items for sale (2).jpg (83180 bytes) Modern Naval Rules

SeaTac:  2.00, free shipping


Items for sale (1).jpg (109117 bytes)

GREAT RESOURCE: Medieval Banners

English War of the Roses period

normal retail: 16.00

HERE: 5.00, free shipping!


25mm Medievals - figures are available only while they last.  It can be not all of the figures will 

still be here when you inquire....

I have two units of peasants of 12 figures each.  I am asking 4.50 a figure, 

or 36.00 if you get a unit of 12.

  Shipping is only $9.95, world-wide.  This is a picture of one of the two units

(click on the images to enlarge):

25mm Figures 2008 034.jpg (219804 bytes)

25mm Figures 2008 036.jpg (203649 bytes)

I also have Warhammer Bretonnian Knights.  I am asking $12.00 each for these. 

 If you get a unit of 6, I will throw in a partially painted knight for free. 

 Shipping is only $9.9, no matter how many or how few you get... 

 (click on the image to enlarge):

kelley Con 016.jpg (395055 bytes) 

Then I have foot knights from the Outland Games line of 25mm Medievals.

  I was asking 6.00 each for these.  Normally shipping would be $ 9.95. 

 But if you get a whole unit of 12, I will through in the shipping for free. 

 (Click on image to enlarge):

25mm Figures 2008 028.jpg (207428 bytes)



25mm Greeks for WAB

29 foot

2 Officers, 1 Hornist, 

12 Front Rankers (with shield), 13 Rear Rankers (without Shield)

 6.00 each

29x6 = $174.00

(click on the thumbnails to enlarge)

PIcs of Figs 116.jpg (181502 bytes)PIcs of Figs 114.jpg (228947 bytes)PIcs of Figs 112.jpg (192468 bytes)PIcs of Figs 113.jpg (148826 bytes)

PIcs of Figs 112.jpg (192468 bytes)PIcs of Figs 111.jpg (211011 bytes)PIcs of Figs 110.jpg (216058 bytes)PIcs of Figs 109.jpg (221380 bytes)

PIcs of Figs 108.jpg (240985 bytes)PIcs of Figs 106.jpg (922839 bytes)PIcs of Figs 105.jpg (210769 bytes)PIcs of Figs 104.jpg (186440 bytes)

PIcs of Figs 103.jpg (218749 bytes)PIcs of Figs 102.jpg (111498 bytes)PIcs of Figs 101.jpg (173980 bytes)


25mm Greek


8x 4SP, 1x 2Ps, 1x 4Aux, 2x Cav

The foot Foundry Figures, the cavalry are old Grenadier figures.

Since the Cavalry is of an older style, I am only counting them as a single foot.

44 figures

6.00 each

44x6 = $264.00

Shipping is 14.00 - anywhere in the world.


(click on the thumbnails to enlarge)

PIcs of Figs 095.jpg (350342 bytes)PIcs of Figs 100.jpg (263475 bytes)

PIcs of Figs 094.jpg (224254 bytes)PIcs of Figs 093.jpg (298198 bytes)PIcs of Figs 091.jpg (149831 bytes)

PIcs of Figs 085.jpg (105164 bytes)PIcs of Figs 084.jpg (216157 bytes)PIcs of Figs 150.jpg (90839 bytes)


I just added this:

15mm SCI FI - Ground Zero Games miniatures!

This is an "early" Grav Vehicle type battalion.  This battalion has three companies.

 Combined Arms Batallion with VTOL support.jpg (220396 bytes)
I have organized it to some rules I was toying with:
One Company of Infantry and one Company of Heavy Weapons

One Company of hunter-killer "COMBOTS" (Combat Robots

(some close ups)

autonomous seek/destroy walkers with target acquisitionA close up of Combots and scouts.jpg (102442 bytes)

autonomous seek/destroy walkers with the Company Commander on a baseAnother close up of Combots and scouts.jpg (117852 bytes) 

this includes: one UAV grav recce/hunter-killer, one target acquisition section (prone specialists with optics), and eight autonomous seek/destroy walkers.

One Company of Grav Vehicles

(4 heavy APCs, some light APCs, 3 heavy tanks)

overview of the battalion Combined Arms Batallion with VTOL support (4).jpg (252202 bytes)

A close-up of one of the APCs:

Hover Tank in action (4).jpg (194525 bytes)

3 VTOL grav vehicle/air support - one manned and two linked VTOL UAVs

VTOLs in Nap of the Earth training.jpg (81623 bytes)

All assembled, with some antennas added on myself!

You get all this for only 288.00$ 

-  shipping and insurance only 15.00$, anywhere in the world!

12 DEC 2009:

A 25mm DBA Viking Army For Sale!

You get 8x 4Bd, 3x 3Bd, 1x 2Ps, 1x 3 Bw, 1x 3 Wb

43 figures in all

All for only 185.00$

Shipping is a mere 9.95$ - WORLD-WIDE!

Viking 25mm dba ARMY (1).JPG (110647 bytes)Viking 25mm dba ARMY (3).JPG (183076 bytes)Viking 25mm dba ARMY (4).JPG (62017 bytes)Viking 25mm dba ARMY.JPG (95120 bytes)Viking 25mm dba ARMY (2).JPG (171678 bytes)



I also have some Micro Armor.  There are few WWII Germans, WWII US, WWII Russians, and WWII French. 

 All that I have are here (click on thumbnails to enlarge). 

 I was asking 15.00 plus 9.95 for shipping...

Figures for sale 007.jpg (124390 bytes)Figures for sale 006.jpg (59039 bytes)Figures for sale 005.jpg (72683 bytes)Figures for sale 004.jpg (65380 bytes)






WWI Colonials

20mm SYW Line


 Home-made Terrain


Medievals Page

Free Rules

Figures for Painters

Koenig Krieg Corner





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