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Here we look at figures that painters would enjoy.

We wanted to show some more challenging figures to paint.  

6 December 2009

Here is my latest project: PERSIANS in 25mm

I was experimenting with the first figure.  What do you think?
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click on thumbnails to enlarge

IMG_7881.JPG (179713 bytes)IMG_7882.JPG (323009 bytes)IMG_7883.JPG (270968 bytes)IMG_7884.JPG (330063 bytes)

And here is some Viking Forge 15mm Gauls I painted up for an all options DBA army:

IMG_7838.JPG (188632 bytes)IMG_7839.JPG (195957 bytes)IMG_7840.JPG (173829 bytes)IMG_7842.JPG (188752 bytes)IMG_7846.JPG (284409 bytes)




As time goes on, I will be working on a better way to assemble and then paint this puppy.  It certainly will be a challenge!

I will document all the steps.  For starters, the figure is over 18 inches tall.  It consists of 15 metal parts.  Just cleaning and assembling is challenging.




30mm Flats

Flats is a term given to those sort of miniatures that are representations that are less than 2mm thick.  They are real challenges to a painter because one has to paint a three dimensional look on a flat figure!  

I will document the steps, as we go.  I managed to get a collection of flats and will have a life time project now.

Here is what some of these look like:

for a close up, click on the image below:

FLats PIcs.jpg (1178674 bytes) 

 I started working on these flats and will post some samples of the painted figures on the "painting page".

Here is an example of what they look like painted:


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