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Who were the Landsknechts?


The term "Landsknechte" was first coined by Peter von Hagenbach, recorder for Charles the Bold of Burgundy. The term Landsknecht translated literally means "servant of the country" and first began appearing in the German language in approximately 1470. The term applied to the mercenary soldiers of the areas of Alsace, Baden Wurttemburg, Austrian Tyrol, and other numerous countries in what is today Northern Germany. These soldiers served their countries in military service under the Holy Roman Emperors Maximilian I, Charles V, Ferdinand, and Maximilian II. These troops were originally created by the "father of the Landsknecht," Maximilian I, to uphold his claim to the Burgundian Legacy of the Netherlands. This was one reason for the formation of the Swabian Alliance in 1487. This alliance needed an army, and so the Landsknechte were born, the first created on German soil. In 1490, after the siege of Stuhlweissenberg, Maximilian had his troops swear their allegiance to him and their cause. This event brought about the discipline and unit integrity that would mold the future Landsknechte....

Join this unique and colorful period of history by enjoying some truly one-of-a-kind miniatures!


Here is our 25mm Landknechts Line.

Check back, time to time.  We will be adding a lot as we go.

Some other images are here!

These the sculptor, Mike T., painted up.  He is a fantastic sculptor and painter, don't you think?


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(click on the thumbnails to enlarge)

IMG_9009.JPG (197469 bytes)

IMG_9008.JPG (276966 bytes)



Here are some figures I painted up for my experiments with some rules I am working on.  The concept I have is to allow players the option of either multiple regiment command or a game where a player is solely a regimental commander.  This latter one offers, I believe, a completely different approach to gaming.  A player commands a regiment of four bases of pikemen and a varying number of arquebusiers...or an artillery battery or a regiment of horse...

More to follow on my experiments, as they unfold.


We are currently playtesting a set of rules we will hope to have ready soon for downloading.

Here is a sneak peek at the basing:

A pike block will have four bases, each three inch by three inch square.

click on thumbnails for a larger look

This is a pic of the first painted figures.  The base can have between 6 and 12 figures on it, depending on taste.  I will have 12 figures, myself.

14 DEC: I added some Arquebusiers and finished the rest of the figures for the first base.

Landsknechts samples based.JPG (52822 bytes)Landsknechts samples based (1).JPG (100004 bytes)Landsknechts samples based (2).JPG (124375 bytes)Landsknechts samples based (6).JPG (86098 bytes)

In these rules we are experimenting with, a Pike base is 3 x 3 inches and has 12 figures.  Arquebusiers can be on a two man base 1 x 2 inches in size or a four man base of 2 x 2 inches, in two ranks.  

A Regiment will have four 3 inch bases and a number of Arquebusier bases...depending.  This means that the average unit a player would command would have 48 pikemen (includes command figures) and between 4 and 20 Arquebusiers.  




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