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6 June 2010

Well, I finished MORE  over the last three weeks:

Here are some Austrians, using Minifigs.  These are later period Austrians with those casket hats.

15mm SYW Austrian (1).jpg (354241 bytes)15mm SYW Austrian (3).jpg (307613 bytes)15mm SYW Austrian.jpg (240800 bytes)

15mm SYW Austrian (8).jpg (275845 bytes)15mm SYW Austrian (9).jpg (337655 bytes)


4 June 2010

I got a chance to go to a local show.  It was wonderful.  We got 6 KK games in!

Here you see the Americans struggling against the British in an AWI game.  

SYW wargames in Ulm 2010 (4).jpg (204338 bytes)

This was part of a larger game:

SYW wargames in Ulm 2010 (3).jpg (188482 bytes)

Dumb me...I ran all those Ottomans vs. European army games, five in all, and managed to forget to take some pics!

Rats, better do that next time!

27 February 2010

I got to see some of my figures in action at a local show!

It was a wonderful miniatures show, lots of nice folks and, it turned out, SYW enthusiasts!  There was a lot of interest in the rules - must have written down the website to hand out at least 20 times.

SYW at local show 2010 (4).jpg (177885 bytes)

A view to the back.  The KK game area I was set up at was right in the middle of the main traffic area.  I bet everyone go at chance to see the KK games... we played all day long.

Here are pics of some of the games I ran there:

(I participated in all of them and managed to be on the losing side six times!)

SYW at local show 2010 (3).jpg (193106 bytes)

My Austrian/Reichsarmee 20mm troops go into action...only to be routed by the fourth turn.

SYW at local show 2010 (5).jpg (217924 bytes)

This second game had an over-ambitious partner on my left not pay attention to some Prussian Cuirrassiers.  He managed to hang on to one battalion from his command by turn 8...only to lose the Army Morale Roll!

SYW at local show 2010 (6).jpg (200560 bytes)

We reset the battle, with Austrian heavy cavalry protecting our left flank.  Since I did not want to influence a newbie, I left him to do as he pleased.  He left all that wonderful cavalry sit...the whole battle!  My poor Reichsarmee brigade felt the full force of those dastardly Prussian Elite Musketeers in the able command of an eleven year-old.  The young chap proceeded to clobber me royally.... finishing me off with HIS cavalry - free to roam the field while the Austrian Heavies looked on!

The next games featured some of my 15mm figures.


The Swedes teamed up with the Austrians to take on the Turks. 

 SYW at local show 2010 (8).jpg (212366 bytes)SYW at local show 2010 (7).jpg (214399 bytes)

The Swedes presented a nice, stable front.  

SYW at local show 2010 (10).jpg (215798 bytes)

Until those hordes of Ottoman Light Cavalry swarmed in on the Swedish left.  Their Commander risked remaining in line, but lady luck was not in it for him.  He managed to fail EVERY SINGLE morale check, collapsing the left in two turns...

SYW at local show 2010 (9).jpg (219344 bytes)

The Hungarians made a good showing of themselves.  The Turkish infantry could not make any dents in the line there.  Were it not for the Swedes fleeing - against the worst sort of low-grade Ottoman cavalry, no less - things would turned out very differently.


In all, five new-to-miniatures players gained an appetite for SYW and 20mm figures.  Another 10 players are returning to play KK once more!


15 February 2010

WELL, I managed to get some more 15mm figures painted up.  I now can boast another 200 Ottomans, mostly militia infantry.

IMG_7873.JPG (308891 bytes)

I am planning on attending a show this month.  I will post pics and info once I get back.  I have made arrangements to host Koenig Krieg Rules demos there.  I will bring my 15mm and 20mm SYW stuff... 


7 December 2009

Click on Thumbnails to Enlarge!

I have begun painting some my new 20mm SYW Russians.  Here is my first brigade:

IMG_7851.JPG (3125218 bytes)IMG_7852.JPG (2622309 bytes)IMG_7854.JPG (85397 bytes)IMG_7857.JPG (99104 bytes)IMG_7858.JPG (349431 bytes)IMG_7860.JPG (325997 bytes)

5 December 2009

I have been expanding my Ottoman Collection.  So far I only have 15mm Ottomans.  (I am planning on doing a new line in 20mm scale, too, soon)

Here are my Cavalry additions, which only took me about two evenings to do...they are pretty simple to paint.

IMG_7869.JPG (158316 bytes)IMG_7870.JPG (322844 bytes)IMG_7871.JPG (582871 bytes)

Here you see what I have left to do.  I am hoping to get this done over the Holidays...

IMG_7875.JPG (394899 bytes)

As soon as I can, I will post some info about these wonderful rules.  They have withstood the test of time and offer hours of enjoyment.  For me, the miniatures, with the look and feel of an actual 18th Century Battlefield, are everything.  The new publishers of the rules are working hard right now to fine tune the rules.  Go ahead and visit their site.  It is loaded with great stuff!




I managed to pull open an older box and found a pile of 15mm SYW figures laying about.  These were a mix of Freikorps and Minifigs.  Lots of both of them.  I guess I am addicted to painting, so I bought some more Minifigs to flush out the armies and got to work.  So far I have gotten the Swedes all done - four infantry brigades, a cavalry brigade, and all the stuff that goes with it.  Then I did up all the Ottomans I had there, and also the start of some Austrians.  I DO prefer the 20mm scale of my own figures, but heck, here are the 15mm ones to at least look at:



15mm SYW Austrians


15mm SYW Austrian (1).jpg (354241 bytes)15mm SYW Austrian (3).jpg (307613 bytes)four hours later.jpg (193421 bytes)15mm SYW Austrian (6).jpg (288660 bytes)


15mm SYW Swedes

SYW Swedes (2).jpg (387797 bytes)SYW Swedes (4).jpg (350749 bytes)SYW Swedes (7).jpg (399875 bytes)Turks in 15mm 020.jpg (196681 bytes)


15mm SYW/Napoleons Battles Ottomans

Turks in 15mm 036.jpg (252148 bytes)Turks in 15mm 040.jpg (150277 bytes)Turks in 15mm 041.jpg (165972 bytes)Turks in 15mm 044.jpg (1010460 bytes)




I loved the rules so much, I worked for and obtained a 20mm SYW line of miniatures...what do you think?

Here are some samples of the line:

"Evil Bob" painted these Prussian Musketeers you see above..

Lee Howard also painted some here, too.   He did a wonderful job on these Austrian Kuirassiers: 


Here are some figures I had two different painting services complete for me.  I will post more pics of their great looking work here as soon as I can.

I like both services:

"Evil Bob" Painting Service



Lee Howard


(website address pending)


Here are two Austrian battalions with one of the two Brigade Pieces and the Commander:


 20mm SYW pics (9).jpg (1254745 bytes)

A complete Austrian Kuirassier Brigade, two regiments of 16 figures and the Commander.

When I get some more games under my belt, I will post the battle reports and other info here, too!





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