These are from hand painted originals.  The list is extensive, and we are working hard at expanding the selection all the time.

 Feel free to use the free flags we offer here, right above the listing.  Please credit where they came from...


    We are redoing all of our SYW Prussian Infantry Flags... We will announce the releases as the occur.


                 Fränkischer Kreis Regiment zu Fuss (1701)                                                                 KurPfalz Regiment zu Fuss  (1701)

These two Seven Year's War Prussian Flags are from our older series.  Please note that we are redoing all the Prussian flags at this time.  Our newer versions will be a LOT better looking!  SO...watch for announcements....


                 SYW Prussian Infantry Regiment #47 (LeibFahne)                                        SYW Prussian Infantry Regiment #32  (Leibfahne)



Flag sheets, from Hand-painted Originals

25mm: 6.00$, 15mm 3.00$, 10mm and 5mm are special order items please

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25mm           15mm

WGN001   WGN1501  Infantry Standards….Cavalry/Infantry

WGN002   WGN1502  Infantry Standards….100 Years War/Henry VIII

period, English

WGN003  WGN1503  Burgundian Standards, approx.1200to1500 AD

WGN004  WGN1504   Imperial Banners, approx. 1200 to 1500 AD

WGN005  WGN1505  Imperial/German Banners, 1200 to 1500 AD

WGN006  WGN1506  Teutonic/other German Banners, 1200-1500 AD

WGN007  WGN1507  Swiss Flags by Canton


WGN008  WGN1508  Turkish Flags with Army Banner 1550-1826

WGN009  WGN1509  Turkish Flags w/Grand Vizier Banner 1550-1826

WGN010  WGN1510  Turkish Flags w/ Flag of the Sultan 1550-1826

WGN011  WGN1511  Turkish Flags, mixed  1550-1826

WGN061  WGN1561  Turkish Janissary Ortas #1 (more to follow)

WGN064  WGN1564  Turkish Janissary Ortas #2

WGN065  WGN1565  Turkish Janissary Ortas #3


WGN012  WGN1512  American Rev War #1: American, mixed

WGN013  WGN1513  American Revolutionary War #2: British, mixed

WGN014  WGN1514  American Revolutionary War #3: French, mixed

WGN049  WGN1549  American Rev War #4: ALL Hessian Infantry


WGN015  WGN1515  American Civil War #1:  Union Infantry –  National/Regimental

WGN016  WGN1516  American Civil War #2:  Confederate Infantry –  Regimental

WGN017  WGN1517  American Civil War #3:  Union  Corps/ Cavalry Confederate State


WGN018  WGN1518  Wars of Religion #1: France 1500-1660

WGN019  WGN1519  Wars of Religion #2: Dutch 1500-1660 ***


WGN020  Pirates  ONE SIZE FITS ALL!  Only 3.00!  TONS of flags.

WGN021  WGN1521  Barbarian/Viking/Saxon/Norman

WGN022  WGN1522  English Civil War: Infantry Flags

WGN023  WGN1523  Thirty Years War #1: Imperial Standards

WGN024  WGN1524  Thirty Years War #2: Swedish Standards

WGN049  WGN1549  Thirty Years War #3 :  French Standards ***


WGN025  WGN1525  Seven Years War #1: Prussian Infantry, mixed

WGN026  WGN1526  Seven Years War #2: Prussian Cavalry, ALL REGIMENTS

WGN027  WGN1527  Seven Years War #3: Reichs Armee, asst. Cavalry and Infantry

WGN028  WGN1528  Seven Years War #4: Austrian Infantry and Cavalry

WGN029  WGN1529  Seven Years War #5:  Saxon Infantry and Cavalry

WGN030  WGN1530  Seven Years War #6:  Swedish Infantry and Cavalry

WGN031  WGN1531  Seven Years War #7: Bavarian Infantry and Cavalry

WGN032  WGN1532  Seven Years War #8:  French Infantry and Cavalry

WGN033  WGN1533  Seven Years War #9: Hanoverian, asst. Infantry and Cavalry

WGN034  WGN1534  Seven Years War #10: British, asst. Infantry and Cavalry

WGN060  WGN1560  Seven Years War #11: Russian, asst. Infantry and Cavalry


WGN035  WGN1535  Napoleonic #1:  Polish Infantry and Cavalry  

WGN036  WGN1536   Napoleonic #2:  British Infantry and Cavalry

WGN036A  WGN1536A   Napoleonic #2A: More asst. British  Infantry and Cavalry

WGN037  WGN1537  Napoleonic #3: Swedish asst. Infantry and Cavalry

WGN038  WGN1538  Napoleonic #4: Prussian asst. Infantry and Cavalry

WGN039  WGN1539  Napoleonic #5: Brunswick, Nassau Dutch-Belgian  ***

WGN040  WGN1540  Napoleonic #6: French  asst. Infantry and Cavalry ***

WGN041  WGN1541  Napoleonic #7: Russian asst. Infantry and Cavalry

WGN042  WGN1542  Napoleonic #8: Spanish asst.

WGN043  WGN1542  Napoleonic #9: Saxon Infantry and Cavalry ***

WGN066  WGN1566  Napoleonic #10: Austrian asst. ***

WGN067  WGN1567  Napoleonic #11: Wurzburg/Wurttemberg, asst. ***


WGN044  WGN1544  19th Century #1: Prussian  Guard and Grenadier Standards

WGN045  WGN1545  19th Cent #2: Wuertemberg, Baden Saxon 1866-1870 Infantry

WGN046  WGN1546  19th Century #3: French 1870 – 1872 Infantry and Cavalry

WGN047  WGN1547  19th Century #4: Bavarian 1870-1871  Infantry and Cavalry

WGN048  WGN1547  19th Century #5: Italian 1859-1866 Infantry and Cavalry


WGN050  WGN1550  Marlburian #1: British asst. Infantry and Cavalry

WGN051  WGN1551  Marlburian #2: Danish asst. Infantry and CavalryR

WGN052  WGN1552  Marlburian #3: French asst. Infantry and Cavalry

WGN053  WGN1553  Marlburian #4: Imperial asst. Infantry and Cav

WGN054  WGN1554  Marlburian #5: Prussian asst. Infantry and  Cava;ry

WGN055  WGN1555  Marlburian #6:  Swedish asst. Infantry and Cavalry ***

WGN062  WGN1562  Marlburian #7: Russian  (Great Northern War)

asst. Infantry and Cavalry

 WGN063  WGN1563 Marlburian #8: Dutch asst. Infantry and Cavalry

 WGN063   WGN1563: Marlburian#9: Minor German States


WGN056  WGN1556  Samurai #1: Various Clans

WGN057  WGN1557  Samurai #2: Various Clans (different than #1)


WGNF01  WGNF1501  Fantasy Banners #1: Orcs/Undead/Chaos

WGNF02  WGNF1502  Fantasy Banner #2: Orcs/Undead/Chaos

WGNF03  WGNF1503  Fantasy Banner #3:  Dwarven/Celtic

WGNF04  WGNF1504  Fantasy Banner #4: Generic

WGNF05 WGNF1505  Fantasy Banner #5: The Forces of Light…

the Good Guys…PACKED!


***  NOTE: These flag sheets are being redone, release dates to be announced. 

 Highlighted numbers show new releases. 

Highlighted sheets are our new releases.






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